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Moisture control is essential to designing energy efficient, healthy buildings. Uncontrolled moisture in a building envelope rapidly degrades structural materials and insulation. What's more, it can lead to mold, mildew, odors and serious health problems for building occupants. Moisture Control Handbook was created to fill the need for practical, accurate information on moisture control from a building science or system approach. Written by noted building science experts, Joseph Lstiburek and John Carmody, the

Moisture Control Handbook answers questions like:

  • What are the mechanisms by which building assemblies get wet, both from the interior and the exterior?
  • Where in the building can you expect mold and mildew problems to appear?
  • What strategies are available for preventing or controlling moisture in the wall and roof assemblies?
  • How do these strategies differ for different climates?

Designed for hands-on use in new residential construction, the book is profusely illustrated with dozens of detailed diagrams, maps, tables and charts. Whether you have questions about thermal "bridges," rain screens, wood shake roofs, house wrap, sealants, caulking, flashing, electric outlet boxes or cathedral ceilings, this handbook provides you with the detailed assistance you need.

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